Ресурсы по английскому языку: упражнения, тексты, советы

Продолжим обзор сетевых ресурсов, посвященных английскому языку. Сегодня на повестке сборники различных упражнений по различным тематикам:

http://www.learning-english-online.net/ — от заданий на Present Simple до цельного курса начального уровня, включая материалы для аудирования и письменных упражнений. Студентам уровней intermediate и advanced предлагаются для изучения более или менее адаптированные тексты, посвященные странам, в которых говорят на английском, аудиокниги и цитаты известных людей.

http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/index.html — видео-уроки и интерактивные упражнения по английской грамматике. Задания также доступны в формате .pdf, что существенно облегчает их подготовку к использованию в классе.

http://www.ego4u.com/en/ — еще один сборник упражнений — от форм глагола to be до структуры формальных писем (http://www.ego4u.com/en/business-english/communication/generator?offer — отличный, кстати, помощник в их написании).

http://www.really-learn-english.com/ — огромное количество материалов для студентов и преподавателей: видео-уроки, упражнения, советы, теория…

http://www.language-worksheets.com/Elementary.html — неинтерактивыне упражнения для детей.

http://www.e-grammar.org/ — как интерактивные, так и готовые к распечатке упражнения.


Кроссворд «Голодная гусеница»



1.lollipop 2.ice cream 3.butterfly 4.salami 5.cheese 6.cake 7.plum 8.apple

Английский для детей. Кроссворд «Животные» (Beginner)

Animals - Crossword


Английский язык. Множественное число существительных

What is the correct plural of the word?

  1. Many (person) _______________study English as a second language?
  2. Five (woman) _______________opened a computer service company.
  3. Even (child) _______________enjoy learning on the Internet.
  4. My (tooth) _______________are sensitive to the cold.
  5. The boys went fishing and caught 10 (fish) _______________.
  6. There are 10 (man) _______________in the Maintenance Department.
  7. The (wife) _______________keep their (knife) _______________on the (shelf) _______________.
  8. (Goose) _______________are water birds.
  9. (Piano) _______________are difficult to move .
  10. There are some (policeman) _______________in my house!
  11. I’ve lost my (luggage) _______________.


wives, knives, shelves

Write down the correct form of the plural:

  1. city — _______________.
  2. house — _______________.
  3. boy — _______________.
  4. family — _______________.
  5. life — _______________.
  6. photo — _______________.
  7. phone — _______________.
  8. sandwich — _______________.
  9. nurse — _______________.
  10. elf — _______________.
  11. village — _______________.
  12. toy — _______________.



Упражнение. To be

Complete the story with  am / is/ are

Today ______Thursday.

It ______ 9 o’clock in the morning.

The pupils ______  at school.

Their classroom ______ big and nice.

There ______ three desks and six chairs.

There ______  a purple door .

The window ______ closed.

There ______  four girls and three boys in the classroom.

They ______ sitting on the chairs.

Only one boy  ______  on the floor. His name ______ Roberto.

Roberto ______ working with a map.

His bag ______ on the green map.

The teacher ______ standing next to the desk.

He ______ talking now.

The children ______  not listening to him.

They ______ drawing.



Today is Thursday.

 It is 9 o’clock in the morning.

The pupils are at school.

Their classroom is big and nice.

There are three desks and six chairs.

There is a purple door.

The window is closed.

There are four girls and three boys in the classroom.

They are sitting on the chairs.

Only one boy is on the floor. His name is Roberto.

Roberto is working with a map.

His bag is on the green map.

The teacher is standing next to the desk.

 He is talking now.

The children are not listening to him.

They are drawing.

Упражнение. There is \ There are

1. __________________ a fly in my soup.


2. __________________ many parks in New York.


3. __________________ any tigers in Africa.


4. __________________  lots of hotels in big cities.


5. __________________ a bank near here?


6. __________________  life on Mars?


7. __________________ a telephone I can use?


8. __________________ a football game on TV.


9. __________________ 8 students in my class.


10. __________________  many people my town.


11. I don’t know if we can sunbathe. __________________ no empty place on the whole beach.


12. We can’t play volleyball. __________________ any ball.


13. __________________ eggs? I want to make a pie.


Ответы: There is, There are, There aren’t, There are, Is there, Is there, Is there, There is, There are, There are, There is, There isn’t, Are there.

To be. Упражнение

Am Is Are


1. She _________ in the house.

2. The dog and the cat _________ in the garden.

3. The woman _________ behind a tree.

4. I _________ Kevin.

5. Carol and I _________ friends.

6. It _________black.

7. My name_________ Bob.

8. They _________ nice girls.

9. The children_________ in the shop.

10. He _________ a teacher.

11. We _________ hungry.

12. Mrs Dixon_________ funny and nice.

13. I _________ twelve years old.

14. Jim and Cathy _________ at school.

15. The elephants_________ tired.