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New Year and Christmas 1024x768

1). Who is the author of the most popular New Year song «Auld Lang Syne»?

Oscar Wilde
Robert Burns
William Shakespeare

2). What is the name of the famous American movie (1946) about Christmas miracles?

Life Is Beautiful
The Beauty of Life
It’s a Wonderful Life

3). Where do most of the people gather in New York to celebrate the New Year?

Madison Square Garden
Times Square
Central Park

4). What animal represents the year 2013?


5). What country doesn’t celebrate Christmas on January 7?


6). What is the traditional Christmas dish at Christmas in Germany?

Baked carp
Roast turkey

7). What do traditionally people do in the USA if they stand under a mistletoe?


8). Where did first Christmas card appear?


9). What country out of the three below doesn’t celebrate Christmas?


10). Where did first decorated Christmas tree appear?



Robert Burns, It’s a Beautiful Life, Times Square, snake, Armenia, baked carp, kiss, England, China, Germany




Цитаты \ Quotes — Ошо

With all its shams, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.
Со всеми своими обманами, тяжелой работой и разбитыми мечтами, это все-таки прекрасный мир. Будь весел. Стремись к счастью.

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Взращивай силу духа, чтобы защитить себя от неожиданных невзгод. Но не беспокой себя мрачными плодами воображения. Многие страхи порождаются усталостью и одиночеством.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Доброжелательно принимай совет, который подают годы, любезно отказываясь от того, что принадлежит молодости.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Наслаждайся своими достижениями, равно как и своими замыслами.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Если ты сравниваеь себя с другими, ты можешь преисполниться тщеславия или огорчиться, ибо всегда найдутся те, люди, более или менее великие, чем ты.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexatious to the spirit.
Избегай шумных и воинственных людей, он досаждают духу.

As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Насколько возможно, без уступок, будь в ладу со всеми людьми.


Источник («Дети Вселенной», Ошо)

The Coca-Cola story

Coca-ColaDo you know how old Coca Cola is? More than a hundred years! It was invented in 1886 by a chemist called John Pemberton, who lived in Atlanta, in the South of the USA. (Its name comes from two of its ingredients- coca leaves and kola nuts.) Pemberton tried to sell Coca Cola as a medicine. He told his customers that it was good for headaches. They didn’t believe him, and they didn’t buy it.

After John Pemberton died, in 1888, a man called Asa Candler bought the recipe for Pemberton’s medicine He decided to sell it, not as a medicine but as a drink. In 1892, he spent $ 12,000 on advertising it. The Coca Cola advertising campaign hasn’t stopped since then! And it has worked brilliantly. Coke has been the most popular drink in the USA for more than sixty years.

In 1941, when the USA entered World War II, American soldiers began to travel all over the world .The President of the Coca Cola Company promised to send their favourite drink wherever they went, Five billion bottles of Coke were sent around the world to the soldiers! And that’s why, since the War, Coke has been famous everywhere. if you look on a bottle of Coke you will find that one of the ingredients is called simply ‘natural flavourings’. What are those flavourings? No one will tell you! The recipe for Coke has been a secret for a century. The Coca Cola Company keeps it in a safe in Atlanta. In 1985, the company made a small change to its famous drink. Millions of people complained. The company had to go back to the recipe in the safe!

Текст. Job Interview Skills (Intermediate level)

When you’re job hunting, you need the right skills, education, and experience. Take a look at the following list. Don’t be freaked out by the length. Read through it. Think about how you rate on each item and how you could improve. It could be the best thing you ever do for your job hunt.

1.      Energy. Humans are drawn to energetic people because energy is contagious. Job interviewers are human.

2.      Good manners. Dressing appropriately, maintaining eye contact, waiting to sit until your interviewer is seated—these things all show respect for the person and the situation.

3.      Maturity. Mature people know how to focus on the needs of others. Immature people are just wrapped up in themselves. Employers really prefer the first one.

4.      Judgment. When interviewers start questions with “tell me about a time when you,” that’s your opening to bring up examples of when you showed excellent judgment.

5.      Problem-solving skills. The “tell me about a time” question is also an opportunity to talk about how you effectively approach problems.

6.      Loyalty. Employers seek candidates who can demonstrate loyalty to something—a cause, colleagues, a company, your profession.

7.      Cheerful nature. A positive attitude, a smile, and an easygoing attitude tell an employer you will be a pleasure to have around. That’s important.

8.      Good health. Employers need to believe that you can physically do the job. If you have visible health issues, you might consider think how to talk about them.

9.      Financial responsibility. Lots of jobs involve a credit check. So if you have a problem in this area, start working now to fix it!

10. Demonstration that you finish what you start. This is one reason many employers require a college degree. If you don’t have one, look for other examples of your stick-to-it-iveness.

11. Follow-through. Not quite the same as #10. Follow-through is a habit of mind highly valued at most companies. A good example is writing a thank-you note after the interview.

12. Demonstration of an ability to go above and beyond. Employers dream about these kinds of employees. Think of a time you’ve shown this quality and find a way to talk about it.

13. Ability to handle criticism. When interviewers ask about “your greatest weakness,” they want to see that you’re capable of recognizing you do have weaknesses, and that you’re willing to put in the work to correct them.

14. Ability to cooperate with others. Be nice to receptionists/assistants/colleagues. Show that you would be an asset to the team.

15. Intelligence. For example, in interviews, employers notice how well you appear to understand questions and whether you answer them clearly, in complete sentences, using reasonably good grammar.

16. Demonstration that you know something about the employer’s business. Perfectly understandable. At least it should be.

17. A career line that makes sense. Learn to talk about your career in a way that shows you have a plan. Ideally, you’ll be able to show continuous improvement.

18. Long-term goals and objectives. What you want to do here demonstrates that you are a thoughtful person with goals. It ties in with #18.

19. Solid, thought-through reasons for leaving past jobs. Even if you’ve had 10 jobs in the past six years, it doesn’t have to hurt you if you can show good smart reasons for why.

20. Punctuality. The reason you need to be on time for interviews is that this is the employer’s first clue that you can meet a deadline.

21. Under pressure. Can you still perform when the going gets tough? Think of examples from your personal and work life, and try to work them into the interview.

22. Flexibility/adaptability. Interviewers sometimes ask an unexpected or even “crazy” question just to see how you react. This is a time to be at your most cool-headed.

23. Some evidence of achievement and commitment in your personal life. Employers ask about your hobbies and passions as a way of getting to know you, and because they like to see some success here, too.


Текст. Business English (Intermediate level)

10 Tips to Help Get Over Your Fear of Presentations 10 tips

People often have a fear of presentations. Perhaps it is because they are afraid of not doing well or simply because they are afraid of large crowds. Here are ten tips to help you get over your fear of presentations.

1. Make sure to always remind yourself that you are an expert. It will make a presentation easier for you when you pretend that you are the best expert out there. Remind yourself that you are a professional in the field and that you know what you are doing and you know what you are talking about. This will help you feel more secure when doing a number of presentations.

2. Make sure to always dress professionally when doing presentations. When you dress professionally then it will help you stay in the mode of being professional. You feel better about yourself since you are dressed professionally. People generally tend to act more professionally when they are dressed professionally.

3. Try to memorize the words that you want to say and other steps involved in the presentation. You can memorize what you want to say and know exactly the order of each step in the presentation. You want to be able to know what to say word per word without having to look at an index card.

4. Try to keep the presentation interesting to everyone. You want people to be interested in hearing, watching, and listening to what you to have to say or show. You want them to view you as an expert. You can ask people if they have any questions regarding the presentation. Always be prepared to answer their questions.

5. Always be prepared to answer questions. People expect you to know the answers regarding products or projects. They want to know that you know what you are talking about. They need to know that you are very informed with knowledge about the subject that you talk about in your presentations.

6. Remember that the people at the presentation aren’t your enemies. Don’t be afraid of them. They are there to be educated and learn something new from you.

7. The more presentations you do the more comfortable you will become. You will probably actually enjoy doing presentations after a few experiences. You will become more confident each time that you do a presentation.

8. Make sure to give out business cards. Depending upon what type of presentation it is. Business cards show people that you are serious about it.

9. Make sure to give out freebies. It will help make you more confident in you since people will talk about the freebies that they received such as a free pen or whichever and they will remember your presentation. They will think of you as an expert and remember your presentation whenever they use the freebies.

10. Don’t quit doing presentations. The more presentations you do the more people realize that you are very good at what you do.

Десятина нуждающимся


Если вам хочется сделать доброе, полезное дело, и вы не безразличны к судьбам других, предлагаем вам поучаствовать в благотворительных акциях по сбору вещей нуждающимся.

Одежда для бедных1. С 7.12 по 17.12. мы будем собирать одежду и обувь (любые размеры, и особенно детская) для бездомных, которую позже отвезем в Храм Святого Апостола Иакова Заведеева в Казенной Слободе.
Вещи можно принести в наш офис (м. Тушинская, Волоколамское ш. 73, офис 702, 8 (495) 544 83 88) или непосредственно на пункт выдачи одежды для малоимущих в самом храме по адресу Яковоапостольский пер., дом 6, стр. 1.
Дни работы пункта: среда, четверг с 10:00 до 17:00.
В остальные дни можно обращаться к социальному работнику храма, Яковлеву Ивану Владимировичу по телефону: 8 903 009 7592
Нужна одежда на зимний сезон, чистая, без дырок, поглаженная.

2. С 17.12 по 24.12. – сбор вещей для собачьего приюта «БИМ» в Дегунино.Приют для животных
Самая большая необходимость – это медикаменты для животных. Список препаратов, которые можно купить:
Актовегин в ампулах; Альбумин; Артрогликан таблетки; Бутомидор; Верошпирон таблетки; Гептрал; Гемобаланс (вет.препарат); Гипотиазид таблетки; Дексаметазон в ампулах; Дилтиазем; Диоксидин; Дюфалайт (вет. препарат)
Инфузионные растворы:
-Трисоль и т.д.
Кавинтон в ампулах; Канефрон; Контрикал; Леспефлан; Мексидол; Метипред; Миксидол ампулы; Милдронат; Нейромидин; Нитепрен флаконы; Облепиховое масло; Остеогенон; Толсидин; Триампур; Физраствор; Хионат; Хлоргексидин; Циклоферон в ампулах; Эмицидин; Энап; Энлаприл в таблетках; Эпокрин
Дозировка любая!
Шприцы. Любые!
Также нужен корм. Корм, который используют в приюте — Трапеза Оптималь. Он продается в любом «Ашане».
Кроме этого необходимы когтеточки, лежаки для собак и кошек, пеленки и памперсы для собак-инвалидов, железные миски, ковры, старые одеяла, подушки и пальто на подстилки для собак.

Каждому из нас наверняка хотелось бы как-то помочь ближним, — не важно, людям или животным. К сожалению, не всегда бывает возможность и время это сделать: вспомнить, собрать и отвезти вещи тем, кому они так необходимы. Давайте же вместе попробуем осуществить наши добрые намерения и сделать жизнь других хоть чуточку счастливее!